Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lots of Fun

Yesterday I got to work on some canvases and one art journal page. I decided I wanted to play with my acrylic paints and Luminarte Silks. The first one turned out like this:

 I started with 4-5 acrylic paint colors and just blended them all together. Once they were all dry, I used gold glitter paste from Viva and a new leaf stencil from StencilGirl. I added a quote I found online and then outlined everything with my Gelly Roll pens. This is an 8x10 canvas I think I may hang in my office at work.

The next canvas started out the same way, but this time it was with one acrylic paint color and 2 Luminarte Silks. I used glitter paste again and the silhouettes are girls from StencilGirl (one of my FAVORITE sets). I also borrowed a stencil of raindrops from a friend of mine (we were 4 getting creative together). I then outlined a couple of raindrops here and there with another Gelly Roll pen. So here is piece #2:

 I really liked how this one turned out (as did my 4 year-old, so it is going in her room), so I decided to do another on a larger scale (14x16 canvas). It's not quite finished, but here is how it looks so far:

I am in love with those silhouettes. So cool!

I also did an art journal page. I had taken some old paper towels that I had been using to blot inks and clean my brush on and stuck them on a page. Then I used my acrylic paints and Silks to make it a picture with a tree:

I think it's pretty cool, myself. Lots of texture because of the paper towels. An experiment that turned out pretty well, I think! That's what I need to remember: art journaling is not about being perfect, it's about letting go and trying new things (no matter how weird they may seem). You never know where you may end up!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Stencils!

I got some new stencils (StencilGirl's 9x12 Jump for Joy) Thursday night and was itching to use them. I used the first set to do 2 projects. On the first one I decided I was going to use Silks as a background (I forgot to take the initial picture - DOH!) on an 8x10 canvas and then trace the stencils onto it. Then I covered the canvas with black gesso to allow the Silks to be the colors in the stenciled images:
Then I took my Gelly Roll pens to outline everything. The colors came up from under the gesso and kept with the hues of the rest of the pictures. I also freehanded the outlines of both girls. I like the zig zag feel that adds to the "movement". Here is the final version of the canvas:
My next project was in a mini art journal for my daughter. I am going to use it to chronicle all the cute things she says and does over the years. I'll give it to her when she is somewhere around 16 or 18. I started by spraying the pages with Dylusions spray inks and using the last part of the stencil and red glitter paste:
I then added Silks to add some sheen. The sentiment and outline were done with a white pen:
Then I wrote the story I wanted to put down about my daughter and her first time jumping. I used a black craft marker and then doodled around the edges of the pages to make it feel finished. I love the end result:
I am pleased with the first entry in that journal and can't wait to do more! I have so many cute exchanges already planned to add...


I literally did this page while watching a movie on tv last weekend. I used black gesso across the whole page and then used some Gelly Roll pens to doodle (the rays and butterflies were stenciled and then the filling was just doodling on my part. Easy and fun. Here it is: