Saturday, October 11, 2014

More Frames

I am so excited! I finally finished all the frames to hang in my girls' rooms. This weekend I will be branded the best mommy ever ;) They are going to freak out. I love the lavender frames with the glitter paste - a little girl's sparkly dream :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I went to Michaels a couple of weeks ago with a 50% coupon and bought a pack of 12 mini posters from the movie Frozen (which, of course, my girls LOVE). My plan was to put them on the walls in both my girls' rooms (6 posters each) since we are still organizing and decorating our new house. I then decided that maybe I should frame the pictures. Then I thought, "Hey! Why don't I see what the dollar store has!". I ended up buying 4 frames that looked like this:
Kind of ugly, right? But they were $1.50 and I knew I could transform them. So, I painted them with some lavender acrylic paint, added some glitter paste and this is what they look like with the posters in them:

The pictures do not show just how sparkly they are. The girls are going to flip out when they see them on their walls! I have 4 done and 8 to go, but after seeing what they look like, I am looking forward to having them all done. It was kind of fun doing something crafty for the first time in this new house of ours (we have been here a month and a half). Just wait until my crafty room is organized and ready to be used!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Liebster Award - Discover New Blogs

Well now, I was nominated by Denise over at Mamarazzi Scraps and am happy I got mentioned as one of her 10 blogs to check out (I am honored!). So, thank you, Denise :)

This is something new to me. I had never heard of this award and now that I know about it, I am glad I have heard about it. Basically, it is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is a way to bring attention to these blogs and build the blogging community. Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. Here are the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominates you.
2. Answer the 10 questions she/he asks of you.
3. List 10 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
5. Ask these 10 bloggers 10 questions of your own.
6. Let them know you have mentioned them.

Well now, what can I tell you about me? Here goes nothing:

1. Most people know that I played basketball for MANY years (I am 5'10"), but most people would never guess that my first sport was figure skating. I did it for 5 years, until I realized that my height was not advantageous!
2. I once won a dance contest in Korea at a night club.
3. I have been to the Great Wall of China twice within a year and a half.
4. I LOVE to read and buy purses based on whether or not they can fit a hardcover - lol.
5. If I could live in pajama pants and racerback tops, I would.
6. I was scrapbooking even before it was the thing to do (you should see my albums from the 3 years I lived in Korea).
7. I love music and am always humming or singing something.
8. I am super close to my younger brother and can honestly say we tell each other EVERYTHING.
9. I grew up as a tomboy, but am secretly happy that having the husband I have allows me to be girlie once in a while.
10. Nothing is sweeter to my ears than the giggles of my 2 girls when they are playing together!

Now, the questions from Denise:

1. Do you consider scrapping a hobby for yourself, something you do for your family or a combination of the two?  Please explain - I consider it a hobby for myself that also is something my family benefits from. By writing down all the stories, my girls will have all these memories when my husband and I are long gone. They will know that they grew up with a lot of love around them.
2. What style is your home decorated in? I like clean lines, so a lot of angles, but warm colors. I have always been told my spaces are comfortable and "homey".
3. Do you have any other hobbies besides scrapbooking?  If so, what? I have been dabbling in mixed media for almost a year now. I also love to read, so books are constantly passing through my hands.
4. What is your favorite ink? Hmm, it has to be "Vintage Photo" distress ink by Tim Holtz. I love inking edges of things.
5. If you had to choose one color to see for the rest of your life (furniture, clothing, roads, cars, flowers, grass, buildings, all 'stuff' would be that color) what color would you choose? That's a really tough one because on any given day, that can change. I love bright, bold colors (I tend to gravitate to Bo Bunny papers when scrapping). Pastels and neutrals are not really my thing...if I had to choose one color, I guess it would have to be a bright aquamarine.
6. What is one tool you'd never give up? My Cricut!
7. Are you a girly girl or a tomboy? TOMBOY!!!
8. Do you have a go to clothing item or pattern for yourself or your children (overalls, plaid, polka dots, etc)? I love anything with a v-neck because I have broad shoulders (round necklines are not as nice on my and make me look broader).
9. Do you have any allergies (pet, food, environmental)? Cats and rodents.
10.  If you have children, what type of parenting style would you say you have? I am a mother who tries to balance being the authoritative figure with also being fun and allowing my kids to try things on their own. They know the rules, but also know they are allowed to expand their horizons. So far, so good!

So here are some blogs to check out:

And here are my 10 questions:

1. What made you start blogging?
2. If you could live anywhere else other than where you are now, where would it be?
3. What is your most prized possession?
4. What is your favorite song?
5. Where is the furthest you have traveled?
6. Are you married? How many years?
7. How would your friends describe you in one word?
8. Vanilla or chocolate?
9. What is your dream job?
10. If you had to do one cardio class every single day, what would it be?

Okay, that's it for me! I hope some of those questions were original. I am excited to see what kinds of answers they bring :)

A Bit of Canadiana

In late April my grandmother passed away. We all made plans to get to New Brunswick to her hometown, Caraquet. My brother, my dad and I drove the 12 hours from Montreal to get there (after they flew up from Florida). As we were driving on the long stretch across New Brunswick, I saw a big maple leaf and started excitedly saying, "we need to turn back and take some pictures at that maple leaf!". We stopped just after it to have a bio break and get some food and drinks at Tim Horton's. Dad and Jay agreed that it might be fun to take those pics, so we made a quick stop. This layout is of those pictures:
I just got my hands on the new Bo Bunny papers from Lemonade Stand and found these papers that I thought would be perfect as the background to my pictures. I also used the Go Canada! cartridge from Cricut to cut out the titles (which I outlined in white and black pens). Now, keep in mind that these pictures were in late April - do you see the snow in the background?! Crazy! It was quite cold, but I refused to take the pictures in my coat (I know, I am a bit stubborn about the cold). Anyways, these were so much fun to take.

Now for some details about the layout: the left side is based on a Midweek Mojo at Scrapbook Steals (Daisy #6). Because of the number of pictures I had, I adjusted it to be a double layout. The space above the title for New Brunswick will eventually get some journaling on it, but this layout is pretty much done, otherwise.

I love the simplicity of this and love how Canadian it is. I am proud that I am Canadian and am still thrilled I spotted that maple leaf as we were driving by :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Distress Paints

Tonight I went to an art journal class and we were working with Distress paints. I had a lot of fun putting together some really bright colors and using water to move them around. Once I had the background, I decided that maybe it needed to be softened up a bit (I know - me? softening up colors?). I used some white distress paint to make some faded circles, which I really liked. I made a sun with bristol paper, stamps and paint (and then layered some glitter paste on it). I took a stamp to add a saying to the page. Then I felt like I needed to use the "dead" space in some of the circles - faces! I used a stencil of different faces to fill 3 of the orbs. Then I added some glass bead gel to a few circles, did some stamping around the edges and this is the final piece:
I love it! Bright and happy colors - that's me :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

The first thing I have to do is wish all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day - especially my own! May you all have a lovely day and be showered with lots of love.

On my Mother's Day weekend, I got to go cropping. I took my 5 year-old with me for a few hours (she painted 2 canvases and did a collage on a third). Once I brought her home for her nap and returned, I got down to business ;)

I started out with this layout. The pictures may seem familiar because one of them was on another recent one I posted (the fairy princess page), but these are the pictures of my youngest and I had a slightly different spin on the look. Erica's page was light and airy because she tends to be my more dainty girl, while Alexis is not a girl you would use the word "dainty" for - lol. So, here is my page "Lady (?) Alexis":
All the papers are from the line Daydream by First Edition Papers (a pad I picked up a few years ago). I wanted the soft colors of the dresses to be picked up, but needed a bit of dark to ground it all and make it fit the personality of my youngest. I was having a hard time figuring out how to split the 5 pictures over 2 pages, so to keep it feeling balance, I split the middle picture between the girls (really easy to do since they had a slight gap between them). I then fussy cut some flowers from one of the patterned papers in the line and backed them with the darker patterned paper to allow them to stand out against the soft colors. Thickers for the title finished it off and a bit of journaling in the corner. I love these pictures because they really show what Alexis is like. A strong character? You don't know the half of it - lol.

I then decided to pull out some selfies I did with Erica. She came up to me one day and just asked if we could take some pictures while making funny faces. I was more than happy to oblige because the giggles that came out of it made my cheeks hurt! She comes by her silliness honestly:
So, it has been a while since I dove into some of my My Mind's Eye line The Sweetest Thing (tangerine). I wanted something fun and bold because these pictures are pure goofiness. I kept within the same colors so that the bold patterns did not compete with each other or detract from the pictures. I used my Cricut to cut the letters for the title, using the Storybook font. I also used some of the embellishments in the kit for some dimension (I even put some Stickles in the button holes for some subtle sparkle):

I used Thickers to make an arrow to point out the choice of "silly", since that was the ones I wanted to highlight:

Then I managed to get a third layout done. I took Erica to her first "Mom & Me" crop back in January at Scrapbook Centrale. I used the Glam Gal papers from DCWV and some black cardstock to make the papers pop. Some magenta colored Thickers for the title and it was done in no time at all (it literally came together within 20-30 minutes):
I also started a birthday card for a colleague, but it is not finished (I need one more item before I post it). I then decided I wanted to make something decorative for a shelf or mantel. I have seen lots of posts of banners and things with the seasons, so I decided to make something for spring and summer:

These will be the flip side of each other. I will also look for some papers to use to do this for autumn and winter (all 6-letter words). I think it will be nice to use these throughout the year as decorations. I plan to use chipboard or cardboard behind the letters to give them a stiffer back. Then I will probably make an accordion with them either using ribbon or hoops. Once I finish them, I will post them.

Not bad for about 5 hours worth of time, eh? I am pleased with how productive I was yesterday :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

And I am Rock Star Rose!

I just finished the last layout of the Rose series! Woo hoo! Sketch #10 from Scrapbook Steals inspired this:
These are some pictures I took at an all-day crop a couple of months ago. I, unfortunately, did not partake in the crop, but stopped by with the girls to say hi to everyone. Alexis is my less social daughter, but she LOVES my friend, Karin. Here she was looking through Karin's supplies and just enjoying hanging around with her.

Being a Bo Bunny fan, I did the whole layout with just their papers and embellishments. I love how vibrant these colors are and am happy that there were some light spaces in the pictures to offset that. I really like how this turned out!

I also did a layout using Daisy #1:
I used papers from different lines (Crate Paper, America Crafts and MME). I used the flower garland sticker from Bo Bunny and then some Thickers (and stamping) for the title. These pictures male me smile because they are of my girls and their 2 cousins all piled in a box together. This is much more muted and subtle (not something I do often). I am really happy with how this turned out as well.

And the last thing I made tonight:
A birthday card for someone I know who has a sarcastic sense of humor. Again, I used Bo Bunny papers. The stamp is from the Dylusions line with Dyan Reavely. Love that saying! It makes me giggle.

So there you have it! Another productive Friday night!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Always Radiate Sunshine

Here is an 8x10 canvas that I finished this week. I started it with black gesso and then used acrylic paints to layer over it (using a stencil). I then used another stencil to do the sun in the upper left corner. After that I used yet another stencil to do the broken up circles everywhere. Added some other metallic colors in lavender and turquoise and then added glitter paste (I love that stuff). Glass bead gel makes up the center of the sun (such cool texture). Then once I had all the layers done I figured I needed a saying to lighten the dark area:
I looked up sayings about sunshine because I wanted something positive as the message and here"s what I ended up choosing:
I then outlined the letters with a white pen to make it stand out a bit and to make it a bit "messier". This will go into a pile that I am starting for next December at work when they have employees sell their crafts during the lunch hour throughout the month leading up to Christmas. We'll see how many I can get done and how well I do with the sales. Only time will tell...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

3 is My Number...

So, it seems that Fridays I often get things done in 3's. Last night I finished 3 layouts (and all 3 are for challenges).

Here is the first one (for The Paper Girls Challenge blog). Now, let me start by saying that I have had these Fern & Forest papers from My Little Yellow Bicycle for some time and have been waiting for the perfect fit. the soft greens and pinks are really sweet. I had the prefect pictures of the girls in their princess dresses and they matched the colors perfectly. Because I wanted a softer effect, I fussy cut all the pictures for the layout so that there were no distracting colors. I cut off the bottom piece of the green base, used another paper from the line and then put the bottom piece back on so that I didn't lose any of the details of the swirls and flowers. As luck would have it, my oldest refers to her green dress as her Tinkerbell dress. When I flipped over one of the papers, there was a Tinkerbell quote! That definitely had to go on the page. Then some random rhinestones were added and this is the finished product:
I LOVE this layout. It just makes me smile because my oldest loves being dressed as a fairy princess (just look at the smile in the middle picture). She makes my heart ache, she is just so sweet.

My next layout was done using sketch Rose #9 for Scrapbook Steals. These are pictures from last summer during the time I had off with the girls just before starting my new job (which was a great change for me). We were making forts with cardboard boxes and blankets. I remember having so much fun that day. Because the girls and the background had so many different colors on them, I had the pictures printed in B&W, so that I would have an easier time choosing papers to scrap with. I once again ended up using the Authentique Gathering papers (I am really loving those lately). I then added some flocked chipboard letters from Lush. These pictures just show how happy my girls are just being with each other:
Oh I am such a proud Momma - these 2 girls are definitely the loves of my life!

And the last layout is for sketch Rose #8 from Scrapbook Steals. I am actually a bit sad that I am late with it because it was a sketch done by a friend I have made through Facebook and our mutual love of all things crafty (Kristina Corzatt MacKeen). I decided I wanted to do a layout of my impish little girl. In these pictures she is very proud of herself for climbing up on the chair in front of the computer (because she stole that spot from her daddy ~ lol). As frustrating as her strong character can be, I love her for it. She keeps us on our toes, that's for sure! That look just says "Trouble!". I used strips of paper from Authentique's Gathering, Crate Paper's Pink Plum Collection (peach) and Scrap Within Reach's Emerson Collection. I then added some lace trim that I bought at Wal-Mart a few years ago. Then Thickers...doesn"t everyone just love Thickers? Using a black background just makes the colors pop and I love the stark contrast:
I am now thinking about doing some sort of spring/summer decorations (today is actually nice out!). I bought a couple of vibrant patterns last night to make either a banner or an accordion-style decoration for a shelf...we'll see where I go with it...

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Friday Night Layouts

Remember the double layout that I posted last time for the Midweek Mojo Rose #6? I was the random winner this week for posting it! I am excited to see what goodies come my way from Scrapbook Steals.

Went out scrapping last night and managed to get 3 layouts done (amongst all the laughing and joking around - saw some old friends I hadn't seen in a while as well as my regular crew). It was a fun night and these are the fruits of my labor:
I basically went out with a bag of stuff and decided that I was going to find a way to use what I had with me. There was no plan - did not know which pics I would use or what color schemes. All I had were 2 sketches for this week's Midweek Mojo (Rose #7). So, I found a set of 3 pictures that needed to be scrapped together and just looked through the stash I brought. I ended up using a thick cardstock that had glitter dots all over it for the background. Then I layered a patterned paper from Cosmo Cricket (Social Club - Manhattan) and a sheet with a material texture on it (I don't know what company made it - there were no labels). The stripes were kind of cute. Once I put those together, I matted the pictures with black cardstock and stuck them all in place. I had a pack of gemstones from a local Dollarama and found some other scraps for the circles up top and the journaling down below. The Thickers for the title are Roller Rink glitter letters. Voilà! Page #1 done!

The next one was also from the Midweek Mojo this week:
Again, I went through the things I had brought with me and this is what I ended up with (I think it's really cute!). My youngest daughter loves playing with hair bands. She loves to put multiple bands on her head and run around OR she only puts one on - across her eyes! She is definitely one to walk to her own beat. Oh boy...Anywho, the papers used were s.e.i's Jocelyn (background stripes), Bo Bunny's Crazy Love and another material sheet I had that said "girl time". The Thickers were Basics glitter foam letters in leaf and the star was from The Girls' Paperie (vintage whimsy). It came together pretty quickly and I love how fun it is.

My last one was not based on any sketches. It is a picture of my oldest daughter from about 2 years ago at an all-day crop. She LOVES my friend, Karin, and always gets excited when she knows she is going to see her. This is a picture I have been wanting to scrap for a while, but I just never seemed to have papers that seemed to be right. Last night I finally found the right mix: Authentique's Gathering:
These papers just seemed perfect and allow the picture to be the focus. Look at those smiles! Erica likes to play Hide 'n Seek with Karin (whom she called "Ka-yin" at the time) and always went for walks together after lunch. I'm glad I took this picture because it shows their close bond :)

And that was my Friday night. Anyone else have any fun projects they are working on?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Craft Box and 2 Layouts

Tonight was productive! I started out by working on the labels for a gift for my daughter's friend - she is having a birthday party tomorrow. I bought a plastic container that will be filled with craft items. Because she loves butterflies, this is what the labels looks like:
I used Bo Bunny's new line Primrose because I didn't want the butterflies to be too "young" looking. Tyra is turning 6 and I want this to be a box she can use as she grows up. I fussy cut the butterflies and stuck them on the honeycomb patterned paper. I then used different alphas to stamp out the title. I have no idea what lines they were as they were part of the stash at my LSS. I inked the edges and then stuck the labels on each side. I hope Tyra likes her gift!

Then I moved on to layouts. I had 3 Mojos to catch up on for Scrapbook Steals and managed to get them all done tonight. Here is the first one I did. It is based on Rose #3 and #6.
I used the following papers: My Mind's Eye Abbey Road (Let's Go), Fancy Pants Rusted Sun (Indian Summer) and Crate Paper Pink Plum Collection (Peach). They all worked beautifully together. I used Tim Holtz's Distress Ink in Vintage Photo to ink all the paper edges. This was fun to put together and allowed me to scrap some old pictures.

My next layout was for Rose #2. I decided to try working with colors I don't normally put together. At first I thought it was going to be hard, but once I got started, it came together pretty quickly:
Funny thing, the day of this mojo posting, they were featuring Echo Park papers. Go figure that I ended up using Echo Park's For the Record line for this one. The cardstock is Bazzil and I used a black marker to outline everything. I love that picture because it shows the playfulness of my oldest daughter. She is too funny!

So another Friday night come and gone...I am glad I got a few things done!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

This week's Projects

Two nights ago I decided I wanted to work on some Mojo sketches from Scrapbook Steals. I did a double layout using Rose #1 and Rose #4:
Here is the list of products I used:
  • Patterned papers: Doodlebug Design Inc (the blue and green striped sheets), Moxxie ("costume change" - background papers), Fresh Print (plum stripes), Paper Pizazz (the purple sponge finish) and another one from my stash that I couldn't identify
  • Tag: My Mind's Eye (So Sophie)
  • Alphabet stickers: My Little Shoebox (mini alphas in mermaid), Making Memories (tiny alphas in pink ledger), AC Thickers (glitter foam in Lullaby)
  • Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink (black soot)
All that is left on this layout is to add the date.

Here is a layout I did tonight based on Rose #5:
 This one was fun to do because I used one kit, so literally all the pieces on this came from Authentique (Gathering). I must admit that I normally am not a fan of their papers because I find the colors too muted and subtle, but this kit was one that I got in a swap and they are definitely colors I like to work with. I am really happy with the end result (especially with the fussy cut flowers from one of the sheets). Orange is such a happy color and the light aqua off-sets it quite nicely.

Then I moved on to making 2 birthday cards tonight. They are very simple (again, I struggle with cards). I am happy with how they look. They will be added to the stash at work for colleagues' birthdays:
I started with a more masculine card because those tend to be the hardest for me. I used papers in my stash (no idea of what lines I used) and then used the sentiment stamp from Stampin' Up and a tree stamp at Scrapbook Centrale. Inked the edges with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Vintage Photo and voilà! Next I did a more feminine card and again, did not know what papers I was using. This one was easier for me to put together because I loved the colors:
I added a chipboard flower and doodled around the edges of it with a black pen. The edges of the papers were stippled with paint. Easy to put together, but still pretty.

And now it is time to go to bed...phew! That was a lot of creativity in a short period! Just wait until I post the canvases I started working on tonight...

Friday, March 14, 2014

March ATCs

Another ATC swap this month. There was a vote on the theme and I wanted Mardi Gras, but the majority went with spring. Since we can choose not to do the theme, I decided I still wanted to go with Mardi Gras. Here is the first step:
I started with cardstock in limeade (my favorite green in all the cardstock - I have used it for a ton of projects). I then painted with green and purple Maya paints. I decided to go to the Book Market and buy a cheap used book to use the pages for projects. I made my own template for a mask and cut it out. I adhered it to the card with matte gel medium (from Golden). Then I decided to use a new product I just bought:
This stuff is A-MA-ZING! It goes on looking all dull and grey, but when it dries...
I love texture, so I love the effect the black lava gives. I then decided I needed something to finish off the edges. Stamp and ink were the next ingredients:
Now, what is Mardi Gras without some beads? Enter Golden's glass bead gel. Now this effect is much more subtle, but gives a cool texture as well. I added just a bit to each card (in 3 spots). Here is what it looks like:
I like it! And here are all the finished cards:
I will be shipping them off this weekend (on time!). I can't wait to see what others came up with :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mixed Media ATCs

I am once again part of an ATC swap. For the month of February the theme was "Alice in Wonderland". This made me think of the Cheshire cat and his big, bright smile. This led me to thinking about bright, almost disturbing images...and that's where I went...
I started out with a page from the Glam Gal stack from DCWV as my background (I love the teal color). I then used a black marker and the stencil Edith & Maude from The Crafters Workshop. Once the silhouettes were done (and notice I did them all off center and slightly different from each other), I added some color with my Gelly Roll pens. I then flicked some spattered gesso onto them. The last step was adding Liquitex Opaque Flakes for some texture and...Voilà! I am done! I am going to have to use those stencils more often. I really enjoyed using them :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Back To Scrapbooking...

Between last Sunday and this past Friday I managed to bang out 5 layouts. I am very pleased with that since I really want to get back into my scrapbooking. If only there was more time to craft during the week (darn job is keeping me from crafting - lol). Here are the first 2 I started with:
You can clearly see that I used the same picture twice. That's because they are going into 2 different albums (one for each of my girls). The top one is a layout of my own design. The bottom one if a Midweek Mojo from Scrapbook Steals (Iolite #7). I used papers from To the Moon by Fancy Pants. I just thought they were fun and thought it might be nice to do something not so girly (in honor of my nephew who is surrounded by girls when all the cousins get together).

Then I did these 3 on Friday night:

For these, I used papers from some stacks I have (I will have to look them up) as well as papers I received in some swaps in the past (I do not know the makes off-hand). Oh least I can tell you that these are based off of more Scrapbook Steals mojos: Iolite #6, #4 and #1. You can see I took some liberties with them, but they are what inspired each of these layouts. These were fun to do and I was excited to get them done :)

I am also going to try my hand at a Project Life kind of style this year. We'll see how that goes...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Themes

I love snow-themed papers and have been holding onto some nice ones in anticipation of pictures outside with the family. Last weekend, I decided I wanted to scrap some pictures from my youngest's birthday in December. I knew exactly what line I wanted to use - Powder Mountain by Bo Bunny!! So here are the 2 layouts I did:
I love the textured look of the white fencing on these papers. However, I didn't want it to be so light that everything got lost in the layout, so I used a paper that had the wood fencing and fussy cut the pinecone basket so that I would not lose the pattern behind the strip I added to the page. These pictures are of my little one going for her first sledding experience. She did not quite get it the first few runs, but by the end she was a pro!

Here is the second layout I did with the same line of paper:
These 2 play really well together and were just happy to be out in the snow. Such cute cousins! I was happy to use my date stamps on both layouts (I have about 5 of them with different sayings on them). What a nice and subtle way to document the dates.

I seem to be wanting to scrap more these days. I guess staying away from it for a while has given me the chance to allow the creative juices to flow in that domain again. I find myself thinking about what pictures I want to do next - a very good thing!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year - New Projects

Happy New Year! I am a few days late, but that's okay. I got together with 2 of my dear scrappy pals on Saturday and finished a bunch of ATCs, cards and an art journal page. Here is what I took a picture of:

At work, our department sends cards around for each birthday. I told the person who takes care of the stash that I would be willing to make some cards to add to said stash and above are the first 3 that I have made. When I brought them in today, she said they were beautiful and was very thankful for them. I am glad they turned out well :)

This year I hope to get more scrapbooking done and am going to try my hand at Project Life so that I can have an album done at the end of the year (and it will be for me - not the girls!). Let's hope it goes well and that I keep up with it...