Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fairy Jars

It has been forever and a day since I posted. I have not been doing much consistently in the crafting realm, so have not had any entries.

I came across this video a few months ago and was determined to do this craft with my 7 year-old. So, today (my birthday and a ped day for her) we had a "Mommy & Me Day" and the craft we had planned was fairy jars.

I took out one of my Cricut machines and got my Tinkerbell & Friends cartridge out. They have these beautiful silhouettes when you use the filigree setting.

Here was the first step - doing the tissue paper layer and adding the silhouette to the interior of my jars. You will note that there are berries, flowers and pine cones waiting. The pine cones were glued & glittered by my daughter (she was so proud!).

 Then it was a matter of putting all the embellishments on the rim of the jars.
So simple to do and so beautiful when lit up at night. They have battery-operated flameless "candles" in them. They were so much fun to do (the one below is for my younger daughter).
When I posted the Tinkerbell one on Facebook, a friend of mine asked if I could do another one immediately. So here is the other one I did:
I am already thinking of the things we can do for Halloween and Christmas! I think I have found a new favorite craft!