Friday, June 25, 2010

Some of my Recent Pages...

Here are a few of the pages I have done in my little girl's scrapbook. Each month of her first year starts with an 8x10 picture taken at Wal-Mart and then the pages that follow are personal photos taken. Because she is our first child there are a LOT of pics. The last page of each month has a summary and the last few pics (I have posted one of them to show how I punched out parts of a bunch of pictures to finish off the month). I am not afraid to cut the heck out of my pictures, so many times the summary has shots of little things like her nose, a hand, a foot, etc...Having so many pictures would cause us to have a ton of books for her first year alone. This way, I manage to use everything while not having a million pages (let's face it, not all pictures need to be highlighted).

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