Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy After Napping

This is my interpretation of this week's Midweek Mojo from Scrapbook Steals. These are pictures of my little girl from July 2009. They portray just how happy she always was (and still is) after her naps. It's like every time my husband or I enter the room, she is overjoyed that someone decided to get her. Now that she is approaching 2, she gives us lots of hugs and kisses when we go get her.

Anyways, back to the layout...I experimented with some different patterned papers. I wasn't sure at first if I would like the end result, but I am pretty pleased with it. Once I chose the background paper, I decided I should use some cardstock that took on one of the colors to kind of temper the busyness of the rest. I have to admit that these days I tend to be using a lot of's a great neutral that goes with everything, but is softer than using black. We'll see how long I keep using it...

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