Saturday, June 8, 2013

Falling in Love with Mixed Media...

I think I am finding a new love: mixed media! My last post was about a canvas bag I painted on and now I am posting a notebook cover I did last night. I used gesso, gelatos, modelling cream, stamps and washi tape. This would be such a great gift to give someone. I'm thinking that making nice notebooks and journals for people would be a great gift. I'm also starting to think about how nice it might be to put together some inspirational quotes on canvas or wood to hang up on the walls at home. Oh boy! My brain is going into overdrive!

I love these colors (okay, I DID choose them myself, so I should love them ~ lol). Such a versatile thing to be able to do! I am picturing all kinds of color schemes. Definitely gonna have to play a bit more with this sutff!

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