Sunday, September 14, 2014


I went to Michaels a couple of weeks ago with a 50% coupon and bought a pack of 12 mini posters from the movie Frozen (which, of course, my girls LOVE). My plan was to put them on the walls in both my girls' rooms (6 posters each) since we are still organizing and decorating our new house. I then decided that maybe I should frame the pictures. Then I thought, "Hey! Why don't I see what the dollar store has!". I ended up buying 4 frames that looked like this:
Kind of ugly, right? But they were $1.50 and I knew I could transform them. So, I painted them with some lavender acrylic paint, added some glitter paste and this is what they look like with the posters in them:

The pictures do not show just how sparkly they are. The girls are going to flip out when they see them on their walls! I have 4 done and 8 to go, but after seeing what they look like, I am looking forward to having them all done. It was kind of fun doing something crafty for the first time in this new house of ours (we have been here a month and a half). Just wait until my crafty room is organized and ready to be used!

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