Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trying to be Garnet

I have been busy with the baby the past few weeks and have not done much when it comes to scrapbooking. The deadline to be "Garnet" for Scrapbook Steals is looming (10 sketches to be done by Monday night). Yesterday I started to tackle the remaining 7 I had not done yet. Between then and now I got 3 more done (#9, 10 & 5). Here they are:

I really liked the 2-pager as it allowed me to get all the pictures from one particular day put together. My daughter had come home from daycare with a crown she had made and wanted to wear it all night (and she has been wearing it daily ever since it came home). As you can see, the other 2 pages are for our newest addition (perhaps I will stay moderately caught up with her pages ~ although I will not hold my breath). All of these pages also are part of my 50 item challenge, which is to not buy anything but adhesives or cardstock until I have made 50 items using what I already have in my stash. It's a good way to clear out what you have for newer items as well as to really take a look at what you already have (it's amazing how things get lost in the mix and we forget what we already have). I have 4 more layouts to go...wish me luck!

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