Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amethyst 2, 5 and 7a

I also have some layouts I did of my first daughter last week to get caught up on the Midweek Mojos for Scrapbook Steals. The first one (Amethyst #2) is one of her hamming it up while she was eating toast and jam (notice the little raspberries I made with a hole punch in the top left corner to show what kind of jam it was). She literally eats from the top of the bread (where are the jam is) and eats THROUGH the toast. She is one strange kid ;)
The second layout (Amethyst #5) was from a day she was going to her first birthday party that was not her cousin's. It was for a girl from her daycare and it was at a gym. Boy did she ever have a great time that day!
And finally, the last layout (Amethyst #7a) is of her doing one of her favorite things: painting. If she could paint every day she would be a happy camper. I get little canvases at the dollar store and she gets really excited when I break them out every once in a while. If anything, it's nice to do multiples because then we give them to family members (grandparents are always happy to get things like that). She is a budding little artist and I can't wait for the day we start scrapping together!

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