Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring is Here (?)

We have been having days when it is beautiful out, sunny and warm and then some not so nice days when it is overcast and cold. These are 2 layouts that happen to have pictures from the same day (it got warmer as the day passed). The first one was in the morning on a walk I took my 3 year-old on. She LOVES going outside and is happy to just walk around the neighborhood if we aren't heading to a park. The background paper was something I had in my stash for some time and I had picked it up because I loved the look of the flowers but was not sure if I would ever have a way to use it. Well, as a friend of mine pointed out after seeing the layout finished, it looks like the perfect extension of the pictures taken and blends into the sky from them. I love how "fresh" the whole thing feels. The title was done using Amy Tangerine Thickers and the hand drawn flowers were done with some metallic markers I got from Scrapbook Steals. If you have not seen their site yet, you should definitely check it out. They also have great sketches every Wednesday as inspiration (although I am proud I came up with this one on my own).

This next layout has pictures from that same day, but in the afternoon. I wanted to take advantage of the great weather, but do a fun activity with my daughter. She also loves to paint and do crafts, so I set up her table and chairs outside on the patio so she could paint outside. I had to take pictures because I want her to see the joy she got from such simple tasks later on in life when she will inevitably start getting caught up in things that pull your focus away from the simple pleasures. This page is very simple. It was just about showing her enjoying her art, the process of it and the end result. I can't keep every single thing that she makes over the years, but I can take pictures and put them in layouts to show her later on all the great things she came up with.

A quick note: the title was once again done using Amy Tangerine Thickers...I have several sets and they are all great (I get asked by many scrapbookers what kind they are and where I got them).

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