Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Always Radiate Sunshine

Here is an 8x10 canvas that I finished this week. I started it with black gesso and then used acrylic paints to layer over it (using a stencil). I then used another stencil to do the sun in the upper left corner. After that I used yet another stencil to do the broken up circles everywhere. Added some other metallic colors in lavender and turquoise and then added glitter paste (I love that stuff). Glass bead gel makes up the center of the sun (such cool texture). Then once I had all the layers done I figured I needed a saying to lighten the dark area:
I looked up sayings about sunshine because I wanted something positive as the message and here"s what I ended up choosing:
I then outlined the letters with a white pen to make it stand out a bit and to make it a bit "messier". This will go into a pile that I am starting for next December at work when they have employees sell their crafts during the lunch hour throughout the month leading up to Christmas. We'll see how many I can get done and how well I do with the sales. Only time will tell...

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