Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Distress Paints

Tonight I went to an art journal class and we were working with Distress paints. I had a lot of fun putting together some really bright colors and using water to move them around. Once I had the background, I decided that maybe it needed to be softened up a bit (I know - me? softening up colors?). I used some white distress paint to make some faded circles, which I really liked. I made a sun with bristol paper, stamps and paint (and then layered some glitter paste on it). I took a stamp to add a saying to the page. Then I felt like I needed to use the "dead" space in some of the circles - faces! I used a stencil of different faces to fill 3 of the orbs. Then I added some glass bead gel to a few circles, did some stamping around the edges and this is the final piece:
I love it! Bright and happy colors - that's me :)

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