Thursday, May 17, 2012

Christmas in May?

I was at an all-day crop last Saturday and was lucky enough to spend the first few hours with my 3 year-old there. I then drove her home, fed the 4 month-old and then went back to the crop for 6 hours of "me" time. I got a few layouts done and had to laugh when 3 of them were from December. Christmas in May anyone? Here are the layouts I did:
I plan to add some ribbon on the far right side to fill in the space as well as some sort of embellishment to the right of "Adore" to fill the "white" space. Tender moments of my 3 year-old and her Daddy.
These are my 2 Christmas layouts (the previous one was in December as well). I had no idea what title to give the first one. The letters that were left in the particular Thickers pack dictated it. The second of these layouts was done because I cannot keep all of the things my daughters will make over the years. I will keep some, but will be sure to take pictures of the rest so that there are still momentos on hand.

Alexis has started eating solids (rice cereal at night) and the second layout is of her and the other babies in our Mommy Group (we all met taking prenatal Aquafit and yoga classes at our local YMCA). The babies were all born within about 2 months, so it's kind of nice to be going through the milestones at the same relative time. Because I am the only one with a previous child, it's interesting to hear the questions the other moms have (and then I ask my husband if I was worried/curious about the same things with our first baby). It's nice to be on mat leave with others who will be on pretty much the same time as me.

So that's it for my craftiness of late. Friday night I will be cropping with friends again, so I should have some more stuff to post in the near future.

Happy scrapping!

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