Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pearl #8 and then some...

Here we are again, dealing with another Midweek Mojo from Scrapbook Steals. The sketch for Pearl #8 can be found here. My layout below started out from that sketch and somewhere took a HUGE turn into something else. Most of my layouts are fun and very light-hearted. This one is of a more serious nature and touches upon a time early this year that was very scary for my husband and I as we feared for our baby's health and potentially her life. Not to worry, she got through it and is a very active and healthy 8 month-old now. So here is that layout:

I wanted Alexis to be able to know the story of what happened in the beginning. I didn't want to lose the details as time went by until she was old enough to understand the gravity of the situation. It's her story and I felt it needed to be documented. Life is full of bumps along the road and this was a major one in the very beginning of her life. Hopefully it will help inspire her whenever she faces an obstacle.

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  1. I remember how scared you were at first and shared your feelings. I'm so glad she is healthy and doing so well!! Beautiful layout :)