Thursday, August 1, 2013

Inspiration is Everywhere

Last night we had the second monthly meeting of the art journaling club at Scrapbook Centrale with Gisele Cabral (love working with her!). This time we played with Faber-Castell Gelatos. I had tried them before, but didn't really know how to use them properly and wasn't sure if they would be something I'd really ever use. Well, after doing the pages last night, I am a believer! It was a lot more fun (especially after some instruction) than I ever expected. I also liked using it on canvas. It was fun to see what it was like with different textures. So, we used gel matte medium, gesso, canvas and the Gelatos. We also had our pick of punched flowers and leaves to color as well as different images to stamp. I even colored the girl with the Gelatos. Here is what I worked on last night:

Because I used softer colors, I wanted them to pop. I used a black Faber-Castell marker to doodle along the edges as well as to outline the hexagon shapes that were there from using stencils and gesso. I just realized I forgot to mention we started by using the gel matte medium to stick on ripped pages from a book (a major trend right now). The finishing touches were the circles I added by dragging a tube through acrylic paint and then randomly putting them on the pages. I am quite pleased with the look. And no, I did not plan on the look of rolling hills and a "sunset"-colored just took shape that way! Funny what happens when you just let things take on their own spirit. I love this! And once again, I have another entry in my art journal that does not follow any other color schemes I have used so far (I am obviously not partial to any particular themes). Next month we get to work with silks (I already have a modest stash because I love the metallic finish!). Can't wait!!!

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